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NEW Adventures await you at the beautiful Pirate Cove Resort and Marina! Take your vacation, weekend get-aways, or your “need for something new,” to a higher level of FUN!

Are you an adventurist at heart? Then check our newly opened Adventure and Zip Line Park within Pirate Cove Resort. You can now experience a GIANT 2-person Swing, a Motorized Zip Ride, and revolutionary Powerfan® Freefall and the 5-line Zip Line Tour all within the resort! Requirements are pretty simple, must be at least 8 years old, weigh between 50 and 250 pounds, no neck or back injuries and cannot be pregnant or under the influence.

GIANT Bosun Swing
You can’t miss our GIANT Bosun Swing, located on the peninsula, across from the restaurant/bar. Two guests are hoisted up to 80 feet. Once instructed to pull the rip cord by one of our guides, you free fall about 25 feet. Talk about a rush! Then the swing kicks in and you float back and forth over the sandy beach, taking in the views of the beautiful waters and mountains. If you enjoyed swinging when you were a kid, the giant Bosun Swing will bring back fond memories and make some new ones on a grand scale.

Located next to the restaurant & bar, is our a massive wooden 80-foot tower which is the starting point for our other 3 attractions:

The Rumrunner Motorized Zip Ride
This attraction consists of two “ships” which have individual bucket seats and allows 2 people per ship to ride. As you start off, you move forward off the tower and then stop. Then the zip ride takes off over the peninsula and cruises 1,300-ft to the other end and then back. And to make the ride even more thrilling there is a steering wheel in each “ship” so that you can spin around to see everything from every angle. Another great ride for people of all ages wanting to experience a new adventure while on the water.

The Plank Walk Powerfan® Freefall
This is not for the faint at heart! Guests will experience the thrill of free falling eight stories (just like jumping out of a building). After making it to the top tower, you are fitted with a harness which is then hooked up to the innovative fan mechanism. A gate closes behind you and now it’s in your hands to step off the 3ft x 4ft wooden plank. The fan mechanism will slow you down just before your feet touch the sandy shore.

Pirates Quest Zip Line Tour
Accommodating up to 10 riders at a time, guests will zip on a guided tour up over the resort, diagonally across the peninsula. The tour consists of five lines and includes 6 towers, an 110-foot suspension bridge and concludes with a ride back on the Rumrunner Motorized Zip Ride. Roughly 2-2.5 hr guided tour.

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ARFF finds fun on air, land, sea

GoZip Pirate Cove

Photo by Lance Cpl. Zac Scanlon

From the Yuma website by Lance Cpl. Zac Scanlon

For most Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning means time for work. But, for Marines of Section 2, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, they are just coming off a 48-hour shift beginning of their weekend and a section outing, Oct. 29-30.

“We see each other more than our own families a lot of the times because of our work,” said Gunnery Sgt. Marcos Martinez, the ARFF section 2 leader and a native of Holtville, Calif. “So, getting together outside of the work space is important to get to know each other.”

Most of the functions consist of going out to breakfast in the morning or going to the Fun Factory out in town, but Martinez had bigger plans for this one. To do this he enlisted some help from Arizona Adventure, a program on base that plans recreational outings for Marines.

“After I came back from deployment, I did the Adrenaline Rush program with Arizona Adventure and it was a great time,” said Martinez. “So, I wanted to do something similar for my section to show I appreciate them. ”

So, Martinez and Arizona Adventure cooked up a new event for them. They put together a road trip to Pirates Cove Resort in Needles, Calif. for two days and one night.

“We got to do something out of the ordinary,” said Lance Cpl. Graham Atwater, an ARFF firefighter and a native of Argyle, Tex. “It was a well-needed change of pace.”

It may have been only one night but they made sure it was jam-packed full of things for Marines to do from land, air and sea. They started out with that Monday afternoon taking a boat ride down the Colorado River, then waking up the next day to do a zip line and a bungee jump. The group finished the trip with a 4-hour ATV trail ride through the desert.

“Marines are full of adrenaline and energy. Doing things like ATV riding helps exert it in a safe controlled manner,” said Martinez.

“It is stuff like this that makes me enjoy the Marine Corps and my job as well,” said Atwater. “It dissolves all of the stress of our work schedule and all the strain that it puts on us.”

As any unit outing should be, the trip ended with the Marines telling stories, enjoying each other’s company, and releasing all the stress that occupies their job. Also, showing and building the necessary trust and brotherhood needed for Marines that are constantly with each other like the ARFF unit.

Try out a zipline at Pirate Cove Resort and Marina

By JENNIFER DENEVAN, Needles Desert Star
Monday, July 23, 2012 1:44 PM PDT
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NEEDLES — Excitement is the goal of adding ziplines, a giant swing and a freefall option to Pirate Cove Resort and Marina. It will be called Zipline Adventure Park.

There is a new motorized zipline option, a Powerfan Freefall called the Plank Walk, giant Bosun Swing and a guided zipline tour called “Pirate’s Quest” that’s being added to the Cove. GoZip, LLC., and Experimental Resources Inc., (ERi), worked together to bring some additional adventures to the cove.

Brandi Traut, of GoZip Pirate Cove, said the two companies brought their ideas to Park Moabi because of that already existing attraction for boaters, motorcyclists, off-roaders, water lovers and world travelers to the area. Those folks are already seeking adventure so it made sense to offer them more options, she said.

The park will have a total of six towers once it’s fully completed, Traut said. Unlike other zipline tours, the new park will feature a hands-free braking system, she added.

Among the new attractions there will be what is called the “Rum Runner,” a motorized zipline that is more than 1,400 feet in length. It can take up to six riders across the Colorado River Basin at speeds exceeding 55 miles per hour.

Adventurers will also be able to try the “Plank Walk,” an 80 feet free fall. Traut said the walk features a highly engineered machine and safely and repeatedly controls a person’s descent, dissipating the potential energy by means of a fan.

Those trying the Plank Walk will be put into a safety harness and are attached to the Powerfan’s cord. A person steps off the platform and the fan system above the adventurer kicks in to slow down the descent and provide a soft landing, she said.

In essence it’s a more modern bungee jump, Traut said. It’s less intrusive and doesn’t leave any bruising. The freefall thrill is described as being similar to jumping out of an airplane.

The adventure park also features the giant Bosun swing. The swing is like what is found at other amusement parks — letting adventurers swing 80 feet above ground, back and forth along the Colorado River.

A guided tour, called “Pirate’s Quest,” is also planned for the park. It will be a diagonal tour going across the peninsula. There will be five ziplines ranging from 312 feet to 1,400 feet, six towers and a suspension bridge that reaches 80 feet in height. The tour accommodates about 10 guests at a time and lasts about an

hour and a half.

The swing costs $25 per person. The motorized zipline and Plank Walk will cost $45 per person. The guided tour, which lasts about an hour and a half, will cost $99 per person. Traut said price points are being evaluated to better fit the market.

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